Our company is well of the right choice, easy to book and good Value. Beside Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Rafting at telaga waja river is one of must do activity in Bali. Telaga waja river is shallow and rocky that's means this river is much safer than other rivers in Bali. This river is Really safe for beginner, non swimmer OR children. Once you arrive there is changing room and toilet, as well as water / coffee / tea under the lovely shaded rest area.

A very easy access to reach river at start point. Guide will give you detailed safety instructions or briefing before off on magical adventure. Some obstacles on the water where you get to limbo under. Halfway through journey will stop for a break at gorgeous waterfall. 4 metres drop at Bajing Dam is great fun before ending of 16 km journey around 2 and half hours ride. After the ride and get out from the river we provide a lovely and not spicy delicious Indonesian buffet lunch.